Acoustic testing on ship gearboxes

What do the barge "Große Freiheit", the steamboat "Geo.Gleistein" and the tanker "TMS Georg Burmester" all have in common? They all use REINTJES brand gearboxes.

The REINTJES company started in 1879 with the creation of a mechanical workshop in the city of Emmerich am Rhein and today has grown to be a renowned global player. One of REINTJES areas of specialization is in the production of marine gearboxes. Their application areas include work boats (250 to 30,000 kW), fast vessels (350 to 5,000 kW) and ferry boats (600 to 13,200 kW). While some of their smaller gearboxes are built from lightweight materials and can fit into a truck, their larger gearboxes are the size of a truck.

High quality standards require testing
The demands placed on a modern marine gearbox are high: naturally, transferring the motor power to the drive shaft is the main task. However, integrating auxiliary drives for different units, such as pumps and generators, as well as braking and locking propellers and shafts are also key requirements. Both in the research and development departments, as well as with quality assurance, extensive tests and measurements are carried out to ensure the highest quality of their marine gearboxes.

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