• imc CRONOScompact

    imc CRONOScompact

    data aquisition and control system

  • imc CRONOScompact - AC RACK

    imc CRONOScompact

    Modular DAQ-System with real-time control

Test stands

imc CRONOScompact - benefits for test stand applications:

  • Rack-mounted enclosure options
  • Measurement, open and closed-loop control, and simulations all with one synchronous system
  • Easily integrates into any testing environment
  • Automation of operation, analysis and documentation
  • Adaptable user interface for custom measurement task


  • Dynometer testing
  • Structural test, durability test
  • Climatic tests and optimization
  • Brake tests
  • Component test field applications
  • Powertrain testing HiL test stands - hardware in the loop testing

Vehicle testing

Combine analog, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, ...

Vehicle type testing has grown increasingly complex, thanks in part to almost limitless information now available via vehicle ECU. “Unfortunately, when we were conducting proof-of-concept testing, we ran into a problem of incompatible vehicle buses and protocols - some CAN, some LIN, some FlexRay even.” But your testing needn’t slow down, since imc CRONOScompact systems may be ordered with multiple synchronized vehicle data bus options. You can bring all of the different subsystem data together into one central location, along with signals from actual sensors installed on the vehicle.

imc CRONOScompact - benefits for vehicle testing:

  • PC-less data logging
  • Utilize pre-configured experiments
  • Intelligent power adapter with UPS
  • Optional: Lithium-ion battery
  • Optional: extended temperature range
    (-40° to +85°C, 0 to 100%RH ), condensation allowed
  • Shock and vibration rated


  • Drivability, dynamic behavior
  • Comfort measurements
  • Safety and security
  • Climatic tests and optimization
  • Brake performance testing
  • Chassis measurements
  • Engine and powertrain testing
  • Car performance testing

Hybrid direct & distributed I/O

On the R&D end of the product development cycle, the typical “lifetime” of any particular test is only a few days, or maybe a week. The fact that you can easily reconfigure your imc CRONOScompact with different plug-in modules means that you are ready for the occasional unusual sensors that they throw at you. But even better,you can incorporate an almost unlimited number of additional process and monitor signals, including signals directly from the wind tunnel controller, via the CAN interface. With several imc CANSAS modules strategically placed in the test cells, you simply connect the CAN cables to my system, and you’re ready to go!

Measurement & simulation

Given the short development cycles now common, test engineers are being called on to provide test data earlier and earlier in the development component cycle - often before the entire system is actually ready. Be ready to meet the developers demands: with an imc CRONOScompact system equipped with the imc HiL option, you can quickly incorporate the Simulink models that the developers have already created directly into your test stand, combining virtual and actual signals to complete the test, yet following existing test standards and without modifying your existing test procedures.