imc CRONOSflex: Connectivity of the base units

With the imc CRONOSflex series, imc is offering a modular system that gives you an unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to the compilation of your measurement system.
The system doesn't require a rack of frame, because both the base unit, as well as additional flex modules (amplifiers and conditioners), have separate, "clickable" housings.


 CRFX-400 with optional CAN-Bus
CRFX-400 with optional CAN-Bus
CRFX-2000 with optional CAN-Bus and Multi-IO Board
CRFX-2000 with optional CAN-Bus and Multi-IO Board
Aggregate sampling rate400 kSps2000 kSps
Operating conditions  
Standard operating range
Extended temp. range (incl. condensation)
Shock vibration rating
MIL 810F (40g)
Measurement ConnectionsModularModular
Ethernet100 MBit1 GBit
WLAN (WiFi) IEEE 802.11.g (54 Mbit/s)
WLAN (WiFi) IEEE 802.11.n (300 Mbit/s), dual antenna 
Wireless UMTS, 3G, 4G
EtherCAT distributable system bus
GPS connection port
Display connection port
Remote controlled main switch
Programmable status feedback (LEDs)
Isolated SYNC signal( )
Data Storage  
CF card slot 
CFast card slot 
USB 2.0 host port (external removable storage) 
storage on PC / network drive
IDE hard drive (internal)
Stand Alone Capabilities  
PC independent complex trigger functionality
onboard real-time data analysis (imc Online FAMOS)
Autarkic PC-less operation, self-start (timer, absolute time)
Synchronization & Clock  
Master-Slave between different imc systems
NTP network based synchronization
via external GPS signal
via external IRIG-B & DCF-77 signal
Multi-triggered data recording, multi-shot
Comprehensive intelligent trigger functions with pre- and post-trigger
Field Bus Extensions  
EtherCAT Slave
Multi-functional I/O Extension of Base Unit  
Digital in/out, pulse counter, analog out
Power Supply  
DC input 10V to 50V
AC/DC adapter (110 to 230VAC)
Supply of remote modules via Power-over EtherCAT
Data integrity upon power failure
UPS (lead gel battery)
UPS (extended capacity Li-Ion)
Key: Default() Restricted Optional

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